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QC Profile
Our products are manufactured by machines which imported from Japan, the US and Taiwan . We can make sure that all products you received are defect free, thanks to our 10 QC technicians, who strictly conduct ISO 9001:2002 quality management system during production process to guarantee the quality your market requires.
Why rigorous quality control needed

According to rigorous quality control, we can guarantee our high quality products, got excellent credit standing, speed up production, saving more cost to invest other production project, furthermore, strict quality control can also greatly help us to get more excellent quality.
For customers, with high quality can make them get more competitive, maximize profit, easily open target market.
Our quality sense: only unperfect product brings captious client
Our quality goal: IQC pass rate: ≥ 96.00%,
First testing pass rate: ≥ 99.00%,
FQA pass rate: ≥ 98.5.00%,
Customer satisfaction: ≥ 98.50%

All of our products has passed CE & RoHs,
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