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Production Line Profile
 We are manufacturer of LED lighting located in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It is large factory with full range of LED test device and equipment. There are 80 experienced workers in our nice and clean LED assembly workshop. And we have experienced engineers in developing, designing and managing production of LED lights. Our products are mainly export to European and South American markets, such as Spain, Germany, UK, Colombia, Chile and so on.




 OEM/ODM Profile
 We have nice packing system for our client and 3-5 new products were developed every month. We have experience to work in big project such as  Guangzhou Airport and Grand Palace.





R&D Profile
 Our company’s R&D department owns professional engineers to focus on developing products.
Our engineer has worked 10 years and our engineer team have good experience and ability in products R&D and quality control.
With the excellent designer,we will make more perfect products to meet requirements of customers and market in the future.





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