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LED Market and Industry Outlook 2012

Incandescent Light Bulb Ban from 2012 May Trigger Potential Business Opportunity for LED Lighting Market
Due to the earthquake, the electricity rationing in Japan has raised energy-saving awareness and demand for LED lights, and Japanese manufacturers managed to and delivered impressive revenues.
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LEDinside's Market Intelligence program offers extensive research reports on the LED industry, prices and market trends help you gain insights into the rapidly changing LED industry. 2011 is a new and dynamic year for LED, and LEDinside offers 2 extensive and in-depth reports and freedom to customized reports.
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Few Taiwanese Manufacturers Benefit from Tablet PCs Fever
Brand vendors are raising the standard resolution for tablet PCs; a tablet PC uses on average 36-42 LEDs, and likely to double in 2012. However, with Apple iPad and iPad 2 account for the majority of shipments and their LED backlight is mainly supplied by Japanese manufacturers, few makers benefit from the tablet PC fever.
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